Smart & Funny Partner for Your Next Event

Events are expensive. Content can be found online. Attendee expectations are higher than ever. How do you ensure your event is a success? Carolyn Strauss is your answer! Whether you need a skilled emcee to optimize the flow of your event, or an inspiring speaker to enhance your audience’s mindset, skillset, and toolset, Carolyn will help you achieve ALL your event’s objectives. With more than 30 years of hosting and speaking experience, Carolyn is the secret more than 500 event planners just like you have used to elevate their events from ordinary to amazing.  

Carolyn Strauss speaks to CEO groups, organizations and leaders who want to increase sales and empower teams to achieve a competitive advantage in this changing business environment. Purposeful Peopling is the antidote to Quiet Quitting.

 Carolyn brings her many years of television experience and stage presence to your in person or online event to keep your attendees excited, interested, engaged and invested.

Smart, content-rich, business speaker Carolyn Strauss delivers “infoedutainment” to her audiences. Carolyn is a Certified Speaking Professional.

 An expert in sales, business execution, and team building, former CEO and business owner Carolyn Strauss can help if your organization struggles with:
  • Projects being delayed due to lack of clarity, accountability or deadlines
  • Leadership who’s communication style does not land for the team
  • Executing on the work that optimizes everyone’s Dollars Per Minute™
  • Expectations that are not clearly defined, mutually understood or accepted
  • Sales strategies that do not resonate in the current marketplace
  • Certified Working Genius™ facilitation for team building

Carolyn is the “Peopling” Expert for your next meeting!

Whether to bring organizations together in person, to roll out the “new”, or to create a shared experience to harness employee engagement, meetings are everywhere in 2024. Carolyn works with her clients to guarantee connection, conversation and interaction to encourage attendance, participation and facilitate the outcomes your stakeholders are looking for.

If you want to increase sales, get more engagement, and increase DPMs (Dollars Per Minute™) from your most important asset, your people, then book Carolyn for your next meeting!
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