Team Building Program

Single or multi-day on site training, Carolyn works with team members to assess strengths, weaknesrecommendationses, communication skills and strategies to create a work place with increased motivation and cooperation.

This training/ workshop includes:

  • Creating common ground and understanding of what type of business you are all in
  • Creating common goals
  • Creating and uncovering common language
  • Assessing the technology needed/ available to help team members succeed
  • Identifying communication styles for each team member
  • Creating understanding of the new "remote/ hybrid/ onsite" workplace
  • Establishing accountability and roles for each team member
  • Creating an effective communication schedule for all involved

"My team and I had the opportunity to work with Carolyn onsite around the topic SBAR – Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation.  The positive feedback that was received from her presentation, and even months later, we absolutely feel her coaching made a positive contribution to our bottom line.  I’m still a work in progress and I look forward to future sessions with Carolyn." - Tricia Ferry, VEC Ohio

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Strategic Engagement

Carolyn works with leaders of companies with 5+ employees to clarify and optimize time, productivity and DPM’s (Dollars Per Minute) for each project/customer/ client.

It is crucial to know the status of each project, each team member’s role in the project and where in the transaction cycle the project lives. Carolyn has created a Strategic Engagement Process that clarifies and optimizes all aspects of engagement and fulfillment including:

    • Analyzing current projects
    • Prioritizing projects, resources and timing
    • Establishing the status of each project
    • Identifying who is working on each project
    • Identifying each person’s role and expected outcome
    • Setting the timing of each project
    • Establishing accountability for completion and follow up
    • Creating an effective communication loop for all involved

“Carolyn’s guidance on Strategic engagement helped me focus on the end goals for our organization. She helped me articulate and document the steps needed to achieve those goals and aided in the identity of those employees that will help complete each of the major tasks. This process resulted in higher employee engagement and a ‘yellow brick’ path to our goals. At present we are now #1 out of 147 companies that we compete against on our federal contract. I have no doubt that Carolyn’s coaching and strategic engagement sessions has helped us achieve this mark and enabled me to focus only on tasks that are relevant.” - Jon Wright, Vice President Sales & Business Development

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