“For over a dozen years now, Carolyn Strauss is a go-to resource for my work as a Peer Group Facilitator…When we need an outside resource speaker to bring fresh ideas and content, she always delivers…From in person workshops with CEO group members to weekend retreats with members and spouses, Carolyn engages everyone in the room effectively. When she talks about Reinvention, she modeled that beautifully in 2020. She executed one of the ‘great pivots’ as a speaker and presenter…she immediately ‘buckled down’ and figured out how to be super-effective as a virtual speaker in a variety of environments and for various audiences. She has presented multiple times to our CEO groups, getting rave reviews and requests for more. She presented to my CEO group again this Spring, 2024 at our first spousal retreat since the pandemic. It was amazing. Carolyn keeps getting better and better!”

Ben Griffin


“Your presentation was more than impressive and impactful!  Not only did participants benefit from your humorous information they were entertained as well. You are an amazing entertainer and trainer, a beautiful combination indeed. NCCR is looking forward to more collaborations with you in the future.”

Porcia Chen Silverberg

Founder, National Center for Community Relations

“Carolyn is an outstanding speaker. She is an enjoyable and empowering speaker. Highly motivational! She knows business and how to encourage those listening to do a better job!”

Brandon Smith

Regional Manager, SA Recycling

“You did a great job imparting your passion to “create an upward spiral” between the sexes in every aspect of society, including the business world. Personally, it was very revealing and so pertinent – and I’ve worked with men every day and have been married to the same man for 35+ years!”

Carmela M. Wadding

Payroll Manager, Centerpoint Energy

“Thank you, Carolyn! You got such positive feedback. You are a pleasure to work with – thank you for all you do!”

Katharine Putegnat

Director of Client Services, BX Worldwide

“Carolyn is a results driven, hard working, caring business consultant. She has helped me to truly get clear and continue to achieve goals, and maintain a precise focus. Thank you Carolyn for assisting me in taking my business to the next level. While it is great to have someone with a keen sense of business to bounce ideas off of it is even better to see the results from the hard work. Want results get Carolyn!”

Tina Higgins

CEO, Mingle and Mansome Cosmetics

“Carolyn presented to my TEC Group (The Executive Committee) at our annual retreat with spouses. She was the hit of the weekend. Her topic area was perfectly suited for the members and their spouses. She not only shared her expertise in her field, she also entertained the troops with her style and humor. She later joined us for post meeting activities and fit in well. The members appreciated this. We liked her so much we are looking to bring her back for an encore presentation, this time to our group as well as many other TEC members as possible. Her message is clear, insightful, practical and very much timely for busy executives. Well done Carolyn – keep up the excellent work!”

Ken Larson

TEC Canada (TEC Group,The Executive Committee)

“My most sincere thanks and appreciation for speaking to at our conference… you were phenomenal!”

Sarah Ruhl

Program Coordinator, International Special Event Society

“Carolyn, your enthusiasm and expertise in stress management were greatly received by all of our attendees. Everyone enjoyed the way you related day-to-day experience to convey how we over-stress ourselves. Our attendees were nodding their heads in unison as they saw themselves in the examples you gave.”

Natalie Herrera

PR Director, KOSI 101

“Carolyn has life experience, great stories, huge personality, achieved massive business success and of course, is a consummate speaking talent. She can command an audience of 1 or 1,000, teenagers or CEOs, payroll staff or firefighters. No matter your audience, Carolyn will produce a speech perfect for your message and target group. I know Carolyn as a speaker but I also have the life enhancing pleasure to know her as a friend. Book Carolyn immediately if not before and you will definitely not regret it.”

David Thomas

Owner, David Thomas International

“Carolyn,  I was impressed to experience your presentation.  You are one of the few women who knows how to communicate directly to men and make a positive impact.  You have a gift in your ability to interact with the audience.  I look forward to attending your next presentation.  Thank you for an enlightening presentation with many “take away” elements.”

James C. Byerly

Byerly Consulting Services LLC (Lemoyne, PA), Business Strategist

“We were so fortunate to have had Carolyn keynote our conference. She is such a dynamic and engaging speaker with a well-prepared presentation that she customized to our audience. Multiple attendees shared with us that she was their favorite speaker and provided the most useful information. From my first contact with Carolyn to presentation day, she was an incredible partner and very easy to work with. Coordinating the session with her was one of the easiest and most fun parts of planning this conference.”

Joel Pykkonen

Programming Committee, MIMA Summit

“Having a professional emcee at our conference was a new experience for us in 2021. Working with Carolyn exceeded our expectations so much that we brought her back to be our emcee each consecutive year since. Her willingness to partner with us before, during and after every conference, to tailor her style to blend with our conference, and her suggestions for audience interaction and engagement added to our attendee experience. We will continue to work with Carolyn again and again.”

Karen Rosen


“Whenever I am planning a large event and I need someone to take the stage and keep things running smoothly, I bring Carolyn in as my emcee. Carolyn handles any situation that comes at her with grace, professionalism and humor. As a meeting partner, Carolyn is the best. Before this year’s event was over, we had already booked Carolyn for our next years event.”

Mary Ann Barwick


“Carolyn did a fantastic job presenting virtually. Her content was spot on, with very useful exercises and take-away tools. She handled the virtual presentation very well: great studio to present from, good mic, she combined use of screen sharing with gallery view in Zoom instead of only using screen sharing, good exercises and discussion to engage everyone. I highly recommend Carolyn. “

Greg Behm

Chair, Vistage

“I first heard Carolyn speak in Denver at a Rotary Function and I was so impressed I asked her to come to our conference in Perth Western Australia, this was held last March 28th to 30th. Carolyn was amazing her presentation regarding gender difference had the audience total attention. It was fun and meaningful and it certainly gave us the outcome we were looking for, the feedback since the conference has been excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn.”


Western District Governor, Rotary International

“I heard Carolyn speak (through zoom) and absolutely loved it. I thought the content was simple yet powerful and she was incredibly engaging virtually. I would absolutely recommend her to any organization or to consult with any business looking to take their team health and communication to the next level. “

Jared Mizrahi

CEO, PCI Auction Group

“Carolyn was a terrific speaker for our CEO group recently. She was lively, articulate, and most of all informative and interesting. Significantly takeaway value included information on gender relations, how to manage and lead others, as well as idea for better self management. I recommend her as a person of worth, authentic, and interesting!”

Phillip C. Thomas

Chair (Boston, MA), Vistage

“My team and I had the opportunity to work with Carolyn onsite around the topic SBAR – Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation.  The positive feedback that was received from her presentation, and even months later, we absolutely feel her coaching made a positive contribution to our bottom line.” 

Tricia Ferry

VEC (Ohio)

“Carolyn gave a very good talk.  I only wish it was much longer. To echo the sentiment I heard in the room, she should write a book.  All good stuff.”

John DeLalio

Office Manager, Rocky Mtn Ob-Gyn

“Managing People, Power and Priorities”  Carolyn’s presentation stirred a great deal of conversation after and forced some members to really examine the box they live in. This is one of those presentations that some members will think is the best Vistage presentation that they have ever heard. I’m bringing Carolyn back in Fall of 2024 to do her customized reinvention talk to my groups at our annual spousal retreat.”

Bob Carrothers

Chair, Vistage

“Your communication skills presentation was extremely well received and greatly appreciated. The comments from the evaluations showed that the participants enjoyed your presentation and found the information valuable. Many asked to have your presentation repeated.”

Gail Jump

President, School ParaEducator Association of Colorado (SPEAC)

“Your style allows you to make some very significant points to an audience that often shies away from spiritual considerations.”

David Belden

Chair, Vistage

“Carolyn’s segment went beautifully and my executive producer said it was the favorite fashion segment of the season.”

Jill Blackstone

Executive Producer, Lifetime Television

“Carolyn Strauss energized the room last week at the 3to5 Club meeting. She had me taking notes, laughing out loud, nodding my head and kept me fully engaged during the entire talk! I walked away with a smile on my face, a call to action for myself and action steps to take”.

Susan Kildahl

Business Strategist

“I have had the pleasure of hiring Carolyn to present educational breakout sessions at 3 trade shows in 2019, 2020 (Virtual presentations which were great), 2021, 2022 and again in 2024. She is a dream to work with – extremely professional, responsive to emails and calls, and an excellent presenter! These comments from 3 of her attendees say it best: ‘She was very engaging and informative, with fantastic ideas mixing logic and creativity.’ ‘We enjoyed Carolyn very much. She was interactive, had a well-organized approach and a passion for her topic.’ ‘Carolyn is wonderful. Engaging and encouraging, and very informative!’ ” In 2024, not only did I choose to bring Carolyn back again, I’m excited to have her be the Keynote speaker for our Chicago show. I highly recommend working with Carolyn when ever possible.

Kerry Boderman

Education Director, ASI Show

“Carolyn was thoughtful, insightful and her message really resonated amongst our group. If you want to take your organization to the next level, and enhance sales, Carolyn is a fantastic resource and definitely worth engaging!”

Perry Kiefer

Partner, Felesky Flynn LLP

“Carolyn had a captivated audience from start to finish….even the people who are ‘critics by nature’ were moved by Carolyn’s words and presentation. This is the first business presentation I’ve organized where the attendees did not want to leave – they truly appreciated the insightful information shared by Carolyn, and planned to use this in both their business and personal life. Thank you Carolyn — come back to Canada soon!”

Linda Langelier

CEO, Executive Network (Regina, Saskatchewan)

“Carolyn, you were outstanding!  The program got some of the highest evaluation numbers we’ve seen, and I’m happy to recommend you to other groups to speak! Your information was accessible , your delivery was funny and the value you brought to the group was exceptional.”

Karen Thomas

Programs Director, Mile Hi Church

“Carolyn’s guidance on Strategic engagement helped me focus on the end goals for our organization. She helped me articulate and document the steps needed to achieve those goals and aided in the identity of those employees that will help complete each of the major tasks. This process resulted in higher employee engagement and a ‘yellow brick’ path to our goals. At present we are now #1 out of 147 companies that we compete against on our federal contract. I have no doubt that Carolyn’s coaching and strategic engagement sessions has helped us achieve this mark and enabled me to focus only on tasks that are relevant.”

Jon Wright

Vice President Sales & Business Development

“Thank you for speaking for the Professional Women’s Group last week.  Carolyn was awesome!  Participants continue to talk about the evening and the wonderful points Carolyn conveyed during her presentation.”

Vienna Presley

Professional Women' s Group Coordinator, Dress for Success

“Carolyn has the unique ability to make complex ideas simple…relevant….and interesting. She challenged a group of CEO’s to challenge the status quo and seek new ways to enhance and improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Months later her topic is referenced and the impact continues to live on.”

Cort Harwood

Chair, Vistage

“Your comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry… was demonstrated in a professional, impressive manner. Our team learned so much from you.”

Fran Chambers

Regional Event Manager, Nordstrom

“Carolyn Strauss worked her magic at the 3to5Club last night. We had her speak on how to grow a business to maturity and the responses from attendees were the best – you could see the real connection she made with the 50 business owners in the room. We’ll get her back as soon as we can!”

Chuck Blakeman

Team, Nimbus West

“Your presentation and subject content was excellent.  I certainly walked away with a wealth of information that I can apply to business or personal relationships”.

Glenn R. Kennedy

Executive Vice President Plant Operations, InPro Corporation