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Thank you for visiting carolynstrauss.com.  Please do look around.  I am currently in the process of creating a new website to make it easier for you to understand how my Empowered Mindset speaking, training and consulting can help your business.  Please check back in April / early May 2016, to explore the new site. Until then, feel free to send me a quick email or call me for any inquiries that this site may not address.  Happy Spring.  Thank you - Carolyn

"Top Keynote Speaker on Selling to Women, Carolyn is also the expert on creating powerful relationships in the workplace.  Her programs "The Keys to Selling To Women",  "The Gift of the Opposite Sex" and  "Managing People, Priorities and Power"  are globally well received. 
Her results working with companies and sales teams are always measurable, optimal and guaranteed." 

Programs and Presentations customized for:

Corporations:   If 72% of employees are unhappy and less productive than they could be, and there are 3 major resons for this, and they can be resolved with a alight tweak of the conversation in the organization,  are you willing to open this conversation?  Carolyn Strauss can address all of this and help create an organization that supports and sustains itself.  Keynotes, trainings, assessments.

Associations:  Selling is about getting buy-in to an idea, a service,  and a product in 3 minutes.   Carolyn's keynotes and breakouts infuse meetings with energy, humor, information and strategies, which will give attendees concrete, actionable items to employ.... now.

Women's Groups:  Carolyn  can explain the gender differences between men and women.  She uses these distinctions to create an experience where everyone gets something from the process.  Also, Carolyn's life experience and passion for encouraging, inspiring and motivating women to take care of themselves, inside and out make Carolyn the perfect choice to empower your group to look good,  feel good and take action in thier lives.

Spousal Programs and Retreats:  At any conference or meeting, including a significant other in the experience inspires additional attendance, enjoyment and recidivism.  "Relationship Strategies in Challenging Times" is the perfect program for both male and female intensive audiences.

Vistage:  Carolyn is one of the highest rated speakers for both group meetings and retreats for CEO's of companies of $5 Million and up.

"Carolyn,  I was impressed to experience your presentation.  You are one of the few women who knows how to communicate directly to men and make a positive impact.  You have a gift in your ability to interact with the audience.  I look forward to attending your next presentation.  Thank you for an enlightening presentation with many “take away” elements."

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