Executive Coaching

“Working with Carolyn Strauss as an Executive Coach was successful for me on so many different levels.  Personally, Carolyn challenged the work/life rut that I was living.  The working mother who put everyone else-thing first and how gratifying it was to work through that area in my life and to see the necessary shift that developed!  Professionally, we set clear, realistic goals that were obtainable as well as challenging.  I often left our sessions with homework, digging deep for answers and Carolyn graciously provided numerous tips and online resources which often flourished the creative side in me, which was so important to me.  Most importantly, I’ve enjoyed the friendship and mentorship Carolyn and I created over the 8 months spent working together.  I’m still a work in progress and I look forward to future sessions with Carolyn.”

Tricia Ferry

VEC, Ohio

Successful people in any discipline have a coach. Because everyone needs outside eyes. Everyone has blind spots. Carolyn works with successful leaders to illuminate blind spots, and improve performance, gain clarity around outcomes and strategies, and to enhance fulfillment for them in their world and their role.

Carolyn’s coaching is tailored to the individual. Together they work to examine goals, challenges and holistic outcomes that will enhance the business, life and relationships to take each to the next level. Carolyn makes sure that the coaching relationship is fun as well.

Carolyn has many distinct “tools” that she can pull from to make each session valuable. Carolyn is a certified Voice Dialogue Facilitator, is studied in Transactionalism, is a gender communication expert, and has worked with executives from almost every industry, from steel manufacturing to cosmetic companies to government reselling to public utilities.

Contact Carolyn if you want to explore what executive coaching can do for you and your team.

“I have worked with Carolyn as my Executive Coach for 8 years – and what an 8 years it has been.  Carolyn helped me gain clarity around building and growing my businesses.  She also has the perceptive touch of making sure my life balance is a priority.  Carolyn is a gem!”

Kirk Hanson


“Carolyn is a results driven, hard working, caring business coach. She has helped me to truly get clear and continue to achieve goals, and maintain a precise focus. Thank you Carolyn for assisting me in taking my business to the next level. While it is great to have someone with a keen sense of business to bounce ideas off of it is even better to see the results from the hard work. Want results, get Carolyn!”

Tina Higgins

Mingle and Mansome Cosmetics