As we come close to the end of yet another year, I want to invite you to think of this next 3 weeks, not as winding down, but gearing up for an amazing and productive 2018.

Here is my 3 step strategy for completing 2017 powerfully and for entering 2018 with purpose, vision and an action plan to make the most Dollars Per Minute™ as possible.

Step one: Review your 2017 goals/ intentions yourself or with you team to assess how close you came to reaching them, or exceeding them. If you fell short, invent a quick fix that you can implement in the next 2 weeks that can close the gap, or mitigate the harm caused by not reaching the goal. If you exceeded the goal, plan a celebration to mark the completion of an intention. Nothing helps morale than celebrating a win.

Step two: Spend some time and set your goals/ intentions for Q1 of 2018. What will you accomplish in the first 3 months of 2018? Looking ahead just 3 months allows your team to set measurable and achievable outcomes. When we set goals for all of the next year, it seems like we have so much time to get them done, that procrastination is common.

Step three: Create a visual representation of where you plan to go. A vision board, a team video, digital reminders of the outcome you intend so that everyone stays on track. Also, you may want to include everyone involved with achieving the vision including your key customers, and all support team members.

With this strategy in place, you are sure to hit the ground running in 2018. And with all of this handled, you may be able to enjoy your Holidays with ease and peace knowing that the future you are stepping into is on purpose.

May your holidays be filled with Health, Joy and Love!