Would a 4 day work week work for your company?

Would a 4 day work week work for your company?

Would your company benefit from a 4 day work week? In the UK, as they deal with massive labor shortages, they are spending the next 6 months experimenting with giving workers and companies the 4 day work week experience. If you are thinking of trying this (several of the companies I work with have this policy currently successfully in place), here are 3 things to watch for.

1. Be clear what a productive week looks like to each employee and department. Have metrics in place to ensure productivity stays at the level needed.

2. Let your team know that as a company/ CEO you care about them and are doing this to provide them with the quality of work/ life balance they crave.

3. To create company loyalty and bonding… every once in a while partner with a local charity on that extra day, and give your team members the opportunity to volunteer to support your community as a group.

A New Way of “Holiday-ing” in 2021

A New Way of “Holiday-ing” in 2021

It’s November. Conversations, advertisers and in store displays have the Holidays front and center … already. However this year, before we make our holiday plans, I want to invite you to consider that you’re probably different now than you were pre-holiday 2019. (I’m skipping over the holidays 2020 as that was such an anomoly… and much of the reason for the premise of this post).

Here’s the thing. Everyone I’ve encountered, spoken for and consulted with over the past months have noticed that they are different. Are you changed in some way from this recent globally shared pandemic experience? The whole point of the human experience is to evolve and change. Can you identify how you have shifted since November of 2019?

These 3 questions might help:
1. Is there something I enjoy now that I didn’t know I enjoyed 2 years ago?
2. Are there people I’d rather be around now and others maybe not so much?
3. Are there aspects of my work I’d rather be focusing on, and others I’d rather delegate or spend less time doing within or outside of my current work situation?

As we move into the holiday season of 2021, just be aware, that everyone you will encounter is different in some way. Having compassion for them is the kindest thing you can do. Also, the only way for the people in your world to know how you are different is for you to share what is true for you now.

Here are a few things that are true for me moving into the holiday season 2021.
1. I love working with organizations to create teams that function better and are able to do more with less through my certification as a Working Genius Facilitator.
2. I love and appreciate the opportunities I have to Emcee conferences with “wicked smart” attendees, (people in the fields of Medicine, Business and Government, so far for 2022).
3. I’m looking for more laughter every single day. If you’re funny reach out and say “hi”. I also aspire to create laughter in every conversation I have, and through my podcast Another Day Above Ground.

Wishing you a joyous and evolved holiday season! –Carolyn

Are Brilliant Blended Meetings Possible? I say “YES”

Are Brilliant Blended Meetings Possible? I say “YES”

Work is different now. And there is no where to easily get the skills to run and attend hybrid meetings. Joe Curcillo and I have created 100 Minutes to Brilliant Blended Meetings to solve the challenge of how to conduct and attend blended meetings. In 8 fast moving episodes and a bonus episode for team members,  Joe and I combined our 40 years of meeting experience to create the guide for these challenging times. I am here to help. For a preview of the program please go to https://brilliant100.com/. And if an additional discount will help your company thrive, please reach out to me and ask. Happy Meetings!!

A Reset in this Summer of 2020

A Reset in this Summer of 2020

Unsettling is the word that many are using to describe this time we are all experiencing due to the “Coronapocalypse”. But as leaders, we can use this time as a reboot, and be the source of strength and stability that our teams are seeking. Many people are looking for a safe place to land. An environment where things make sense. This can be your business.

Since the whole world was shocked into stopping, this time is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reboot and reset your business in a new direction. But how do we do that? The first step is to get crystal clear as to what kind of business you are running, who you serve, and what you provide that is distinct to your market, geography or industry. Next, create a clear vision so that the people and resources that support your business all know how they fit into the picture.

If you can use help with this, just ask. I’m here to support leaders in creating cultures that support revenue, productivity and a happy workforce. Stay well, and cool.

Completing the 2010s Powerfully; Happy New Decade!!

Completing the 2010s Powerfully; Happy New Decade!!

To Complete: Definition: 1. To bring to a finish or an end:
2. To make whole, with all necessary elements or parts

It’s the end of 2019. For some of us, 2019 was a great year filled with growth, excitement and forward movement. For others of us, it was a year of challenges, obstacles and we are looking forward to putting it behind us.

Whichever of these you relate to, here are some strategies for powerful completion and for intentionally creating and attracting that which will make your 2020 an even better year to remember.

1. Review your year and assess what you learned. There is never nothing going on, and you are always learning. What did you learn and how can you use that to make your next chapter richer?

2. Look at the people in your world. Review whom you spent the most time with. How did that work for you? Are these people who bring you inspiration and energy? Or do they drain you? Choose where to put your time in the upcoming year. Be kind to others, but more kind to yourself. There is only so much time in a year, who do you want to spend it with?

3. Finances, did you meet your financial obligations? Is there some rearranging you need to do to make that more manageable and functional in the next year. And, if it was all managed successfully, did your use your resources to make your world better?

4. Your environment, are your home and your work environment supporting you? Look around. Is there unfinished business taking up space in your environment? Those “unclosed loops” are taking up space and energy in your brain. Spend some time cleaning out unfinished business, or at least filing it away so it is not in view and put it where you can get it done later. Put a tickler in your calendar to get it done. Also, this is the time of year where retailers have sales on storage solutions. Get what you need to start your year free of physical/ mental clutter.

5. How are you? A simple question with a complicated answer. Take stock of your health, and make what ever appointments or arrangements you need to get to “as good as you can”, as 2020 begins. Nothing affects our experience as drastically as our physical well being.

And finally, what do you want for yourself, and who do you intend to be in 2020 and beyond? YOU control how people react to you by your requests, actions and attitudes. Are you getting what you are intending for yourself? If not, stop, breathe and be clear as to what your 2020 will bring for you. Remember, you only get 1 chance to live in 2020. Make the most of it! Happy, Healthy New Everything!!

When Winning Isn’t….

When Winning Isn’t….

We are living in a really strange time. I watched the Kentucky Derby for the first time this week and the horse that clearly won by a full length; didn’t.

I watched during the 2016 Presidential election when the candidate who won by 3 million votes; didn’t.

Maybe winning isn’t winning anymore. Maybe we should re-examine how we judge the outcomes of events and projects. Perhaps we should evaluate situations based solely on merit.

When I was a little girl I learned the lesson of “always do your best to try your hardest and whatever happens happens”. Whether I won or lost didn’t matter. The question was, did I do my best? Are we living in a world where doing your best isn’t good enough?

I want to encourage everyone working on projects and goals and intended outcomes to re-examine for themselves what winning looks like. Perhaps it means getting the best results you can with the resources and talent you have and not caring what the rest of the world thinks. If we can do that… my grandmother would be proud.