I’ve spent the past 4 weeks on the road working with CEOs and teams all around the US and Canada, and I’ve found one thing that everyone is asking: “What can I do to support my team in being great at what they do, and help them see how individually and as a team they bring value and feel valued?”

I believe the answer to this question is based in our ability to access and embrace our humanity. Of course there are skills that leaders and managers need to know and apply, but mostly, it’s the human connection that will keep team members working up to thier potential. So how does all of this new AI affect our work and ability to connect with our mission, vision and values so that everyone feels a part of something bigger than themselves? Here’s my take…

AI has its merits for research, idea generation and process enhancement. But AI can’t replicate the depth, complexity, and emotional connection that come from genuine human-to-human interactions. Building meaningful relationships and a heart based human connection that brings people together requires the nuances of emotional intelligence, social context, and personal engagement, which AI currently cannot replicate. And I suspect it never will.

So, while it is important to embrace AI as a tool that can enhance certain aspects of our work and can increase productivity when used wisely, it is crucial to remember the irreplaceable value of human connection and the need for authentic relationships both in our professional and personal lives. Hopefully we are spending time paying attention to our humanity in both.