Please stop breaking other people’s stuff!

Please stop breaking other people’s stuff!

It takes a lot of energy, time and money to build buildings, create cities and towns and implement infrastructure. I look around the world at all of the destruction and displacement that’s happening and I ask why. Remember when we were in kindergarten and we learned to share our toys? When we learned that just because someone else has something doesn’t mean that we can’t have things to?

It comes down to my “concept” for this year which is Vicarious Happiness. I define vicarious happiness as being happy for the joy and happiness of others whether or not it has anything to do with you. If the world could just look at itself from that point of view, we could solve all of our current global problems! There is so much war and destruction happening all over the world right now… it is breaking my heart.  So if anyone has ideas on how to stop this madness, and want to brainstorm ideas that can make the world a better place, please share them here.  And for now, if we each commit to leaving the world better than we found it…. maybe that’s where to start. Namaste.

Completing 2022 and Starting New in 2023. Happy New Year!

Completing 2022 and Starting New in 2023. Happy New Year!

To Complete: Definition: 1. To bring to a finish or an end:
2. To make whole, with all necessary elements or parts
It’s the end of 2022. For some of us, 2022 was a great year filled with growth, excitement and forward movement. For others of us, it was a year of challenges, obstacles and we are looking forward to putting it behind us.
Whichever of these you relate to, here are some strategies for powerful completion and for intentionally creating and attracting that which will make your 2023 your best year yet!
1. Review your year and assess what you learned. There is never nothing going on, and you are always learning. What did you learn and how can you use it to make your next year smooth and easy?
2. Look at the people in your world. Review whom you spent the most time with. How did that work for you? Are these people who bring you inspiration and energy? Or do they drain you? Choose where to put your time in the upcoming year. Be kind to others, but more kind to yourself. There is only so much time in a year, who do you want to spend it with?
3. Finances, did you meet your financial obligations? Is there some rearranging you need to do to make money more manageable? If it was all managed successfully, did your allocate your resources to make your world better?
4. Your environment, are your home and your work environment supporting you? Look around. Is there unfinished business taking up space in your environment? Those “unclosed loops” are taking up space and energy in your brain. Spend some time cleaning out unfinished business, or at least filing it away so it is not in view and put it where you can get it done later. Put a tickler in your calendar to get it done. Also, this is the time of year where retailers have sales on storage solutions. Get what you need to start your year free of physical/ mental clutter.
5. How are you? A simple question with a complicated answer. Take stock of your health, and make what ever appointments or arrangements you need to get to “as good as you can”, as 2023 begins. Nothing affects our experience as drastically as our physical well being.
And finally, what do you want to manifest for yourself in 2023? Take a moment to pause as we collectively step into this new year and get clear as to what your 2023 will be for you. You get one chance to live in 2023. Enjoy the moments as they happen! Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!!
April… Q2 begins… and it’s not too late

April… Q2 begins… and it’s not too late

It’s Q2 2022…April 1! How fast did that happen? As we enter Q2 let’s take a quick look back at Q1. In talking with some clients, I have heard that it may feel like it’s “too late” to get a started on some projects that “should” be almost done by now.

Well it’s never too late. As Spring begins… now is the time to plant the seeds that will bloom into your reality soon. Plants and projects take the time they take. And for some… rushing does nothing to help.

Here are a few “seeds” you can plant now to see your garden grow soon.

1. Revisit, either by yourself or with your team, your intention and plans for 2022.

2. Assess, how are you and your brand are showing up in the world? Is it congruent with what you set out to be for this year?

3. Explore, look at what’s happening in the realm of your business communications, both internal and external, and make some changes. It’s not too late to change direction.

4. Express Gratitude, before any communication, thank people for what they provide, and then set your agenda for the communication.

5. Learn, Spring is a wonderful time to get some training or coaching for something specific that will take you and your business to the next level.

Spring is definitely here and you have a few months to make sure that what you’re planting now will sustain you and grow into the results you are intending for the rest of the year.

Enjoying the Simple Things

Enjoying the Simple Things

One of the bright spots in the past 15 months, is the re-appreciation and attention to the beauty of Nature. I’m inspired by the businesses that took advantage of the settings where they find themselves. I got to experience “beach yoga” yesterday in Santa Barbara, CA.

Although this concept is not new, it is refreshing to look around your community and find something you may not know is available. For the past 10 years, my New Year’s resolution has been to try 1 new workout per month. This was mine this month, and it’s amazing how the sand is challenging, yet supportive during different poses.

Bottom line, when we look outside our routine (even the routines we developed during quarantine) possibilites open up. Have fun stepping outside the norm. Namaste.


Valentine’s Day Can be Everyday if we Pay Attention

Valentine’s Day Can be Everyday if we Pay Attention

There is so much advertising around Valentine’s Day that if one is not careful, we can get caught up in the “comparison” game. Is my relationship “romantic, special, exotic” enough?

One key to avoiding this trap, is to appreciate your unique situation, especially during this unique year. If you are single today, appreciate the freedom you have to make choices that serve you without having to compromise. If you are married or in a committed relationship, appreciate the support, comfort and stability of having that person that is always on your side (if that is not the case, it may be time to renegotiate your partnership… and that’s for another post, but hang in there). And if you are somewhere in between, appreciate the family members, friends and pets both in person and virtually that have brought you joy throughout this past year.

Remember, Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, but the ability to notice the love and support that surrounds your life is there for you each and every day…even if it is hidden behind a mask, it’s still there! With love and appreciation of you….. Carolyn

A poem to Thanksgiving 2020 – Still so much to be grateful for!

A poem to Thanksgiving 2020 – Still so much to be grateful for!


It’s Thanksgiving Day 2020, as we look back on this year

None of us could anticipate what we’d go through to get here

In January we thought we’d have 2020 perfect vision

Instead we were bombarded with strife and division

If it’s true that hindsight is 2020 clear

Then the lessons we learned will bring us wisdom next year

So as we celebrate today being grateful and “socially distant”

Bring in peace, hope and love to break through any resistance

To accept what is, and work together to make it better

Wear a mask, wash your hands and curl up in your favorite sweater.

–  In gratitude and love for you all- Carolyn