April… Q2 begins… and it’s not too late

April… Q2 begins… and it’s not too late

It’s Q2 2022…April 1! How fast did that happen? As we enter Q2 let’s take a quick look back at Q1. In talking with some clients, I have heard that it may feel like it’s “too late” to get a started on some projects that “should” be almost done by now.

Well it’s never too late. As Spring begins… now is the time to plant the seeds that will bloom into your reality soon. Plants and projects take the time they take. And for some… rushing does nothing to help.

Here are a few “seeds” you can plant now to see your garden grow soon.

1. Revisit, either by yourself or with your team, your intention and plans for 2022.

2. Assess, how are you and your brand are showing up in the world? Is it congruent with what you set out to be for this year?

3. Explore, look at what’s happening in the realm of your business communications, both internal and external, and make some changes. It’s not too late to change direction.

4. Express Gratitude, before any communication, thank people for what they provide, and then set your agenda for the communication.

5. Learn, Spring is a wonderful time to get some training or coaching for something specific that will take you and your business to the next level.

Spring is definitely here and you have a few months to make sure that what you’re planting now will sustain you and grow into the results you are intending for the rest of the year.

2.22.22 Capture the Moment

2.22.22 Capture the Moment

Greetings on this auspicious day 22222! In numerology, the number 2 signifies partnerships, and the power of 2 energies coming together to create forward momentum.
Today is an opportunity to bring the energies of your past and the energies of your future together in harmony. Noting where you have been and where you plan and dream to be and bring those energies together to create a present and a presence so powerful that nothing that is not for your highest good can interfere. Today is a day to release resentments, upsets and anger, and take a moment to heal anything that is unresolved from your past so that you can move forward in the direction you intend for yourself which you intuitively know is for your highest good.
Know that today is a blessing and a very special day to take at least a moment to acknowledge all that you have been and all that you can be and bring them together in an intentional and life altering way for the better, for yourself, your partnerships, your relationships and your world.
And, when you get a moment to connect with you partners who are walking though this life with you… give them a hug, either physical, virtual or spiritual. That matters, especially today.

I wish you all the best on this magical day. Namaste. – Carolyn

Tethered but not Connected

Tethered but not Connected

Have people forgotten how to be people in public?

I’ve noticed a shift in society lately. After 18ish months of strange isolation, and disconnection, people have forgotten how to “people”. It seems that few are willing to stop to let someone pass, few are willing to hold a door open for people coming behind them, few are willing to step aside to let those on an elevator off before trying to get on themselves and few are actually paying attention to what others are saying and doing and are way to eager to get their own needs met. What is happening?

Perhaps polite, kind behaviour is practiced, and maybe we are out of practice. And distracted?? While in public, many people are so busy looking at their phones, that they are not looking up to notice that they are in the company of others. It seems that people are tethered to thier phones, but not connected to the world around them.

We may think that tethered and connected are the same, but I propose they are almost polar opposites. Connection takes presence, it takes awareness, and it takes the practice of knowing where one is in time and space, which can only happen when one is not being distracted and when focus is not completely absorbed in a technological device.

So for a bit of time today, put the phone/ device away, pay attention to where you are in time and space, who is nearest to you at any moment and enjoy the magic that comes from the possibility of an actual connection that can enhance your experience… IRL.

Craving Connection, Content and Community.

For most of us, it’s been 18 months of isolation, separation and quarantine. The opportunity for groups to come together now is more precious and desirable than ever before. I just attended my first in person national conference in Las Vegas last week since this weirdness started, where 425 of my friends and colleagues got to be face to face, hug to hug and smile to smile. It was glorious.

I propose, that being denied something causes it to be even more sweet when it returns. So for meeting planners and team leaders, the key now is to create opportunities for groups to connect, and share their experiences, thier hopes, plans and dreams, and especially thier learnings over the past year with each other.

As a professional Emcee, my job is to highlight opportunities for people, meeting attendees to connect. Whether the space is onsite or online, whenever and however connection and collaboration is possible, my plan is to work with the organization to facilitate that connection.

If you are planning a meeting and would like some support in creating the space for meaningful connection to happen, please reach out and ask. Also the most important thing for your presenters and speakers is to create opportunities for connection to happen either during or after their programs.

“Best Session at #ETL”!

“Best Session at #ETL”!

On stage and On line events are all the rage as we move into the Summer and Fall 2021 and beyond. As a professional Emcee, I’m so proud and honored to share the stage and the spotlight at the Event Tech Live Annual Event, with  Image Audiovisuals, Simon Melser and Dave Mueller. Thank you Victoria Copans for this article discussing how our session beautifully explains how to do GREAT Hybrid and Virtual Meetings. If I can help your event flow smoothly with energy and focus, just ask! https://www.xliveglobal.com/b2b-experience/what-can-we-learn-standout-session-event-tech-live

Using this Spring 2021 Equinox for our Highest Good

Using this Spring 2021 Equinox for our Highest Good

Today is the Spring Equinox. The day of balance. The day where the amount of minutes of darkness and of light are equal. This energetic is an opportunity to exercise choice. A day to reflect on the amount of darkness and light that we allow into our personal space. As we are spiritual beings we are directly affected by light, both physical and energetic.

So today I invite each of us to focus on light. As the rotation of the Earth continues to take us physically (in the northern hemisphere) into more light, day by day, that we move toward a brighter evolution of our lives into what comes next. After the past complete earth evolution of challenge, since the last Spring Equinox, today we can consciously choose how we balance light and dark, good and challange, what energies we allow into our beings and those we choose to block,  and how we react going forward in a pro-actively balanced way.

So what I wish for us after the year we’ve had since the last Spring Equinox is Equanimity.

* Equanimity • \ee-kwuh-NIM-uh-tee\ • noun. 1 :mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.