With the big game on Sunday, fans and observers are focused on what the Quarterbacks will do, what the Kelce brothers dynamic may be (this to me is so exciting), how the teams will play, and who wins.

With that in mind, how is your team faring this season?

In football, a coach would never ask the Quarterback to play Fullback, or ask the Kicker to play Tight end. But sometimes in our companies, our team members have to step in and play roles that they may not be best suited for.

In business, that’s ok, and often necessary as physical injury is not generally a risk in business. Also, which is currently the case with many businesses, our team may not be fully staffed. That said, are you asking your team members to spend a majority of their time in positions that are best suited to their skills and natural abilities? And can you know when you are asking your team members to play outside of the zone of genius?

If you have not yet experienced the Working Genius assessment (from Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group), it is the simplest, cleanest and most applicable tool I’ve found to let you and your team members know which positions are most suited to their natural gifts and abilities, and where they can best help your team to win as you move through 2023.

I hope you enjoy the game this Sunday, (if football is your interest), and I invite you to watch the game through the lens of, what is our business goal? What does it look like for us as a company to win? Is my team set up to be optimized? And does every player on our team know what their role is in our success?

Also, I’d love to hear what snacks you’ll be having most of this Sunday…. sweet or salty?? Me… sweet all the way! Enjoy your Super weekend!