A Reset in this Summer of 2020

A Reset in this Summer of 2020

Unsettling is the word that many are using to describe this time we are all experiencing due to the “Coronapocalypse”. But as leaders, we can use this time as a reboot, and be the source of strength and stability that our teams are seeking. Many people are looking for a safe place to land. An environment where things make sense. This can be your business.

Since the whole world was shocked into stopping, this time is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reboot and reset your business in a new direction. But how do we do that? The first step is to get crystal clear as to what kind of business you are running, who you serve, and what you provide that is distinct to your market, geography or industry. Next, create a clear vision so that the people and resources that support your business all know how they fit into the picture.

If you can use help with this, just ask. I’m here to support leaders in creating cultures that support revenue, productivity and a happy workforce. Stay well, and cool.

When Winning Isn’t….

When Winning Isn’t….

We are living in a really strange time. I watched the Kentucky Derby for the first time this week and the horse that clearly won by a full length; didn’t.

I watched during the 2016 Presidential election when the candidate who won by 3 million votes; didn’t.

Maybe winning isn’t winning anymore. Maybe we should re-examine how we judge the outcomes of events and projects. Perhaps we should evaluate situations based solely on merit.

When I was a little girl I learned the lesson of “always do your best to try your hardest and whatever happens happens”. Whether I won or lost didn’t matter. The question was, did I do my best? Are we living in a world where doing your best isn’t good enough?

I want to encourage everyone working on projects and goals and intended outcomes to re-examine for themselves what winning looks like. Perhaps it means getting the best results you can with the resources and talent you have and not caring what the rest of the world thinks. If we can do that… my grandmother would be proud.

Graduation Season… the road ahead from WAY ahead.

Graduation Season… the road ahead from WAY ahead.

It’s graduation season, and some of my favorite people whom I’ve known since they were little teeny humans are about to graduate from High School; RJ, Emma, Skylar and others. As they look forward to their lives I want to share a quick story about seizing opportunity.

When I was in college I chose to spend the first half of my Sophomore year in a program in Madrid Spain at the University. It was one of the life choices that I am most grateful for as it prepared me to come back and complete college. It prepared me to feel safe and competent and able to move from my small hometown in Massachusetts, to New York City where I successfully spent 20 years. My thought process became, if I can live on my own where they don’t speak my native language, how easy is it to get by anywhere at all. The experience gave me the ability to navigate another culture, understand another language, and appreciate that the world is small. I learned that choice always exists and I don’t have to accept what is the obvious path, I can always take another road.

Last week, I had the opportunity to go back to Madrid for the first time. A client brought me there for a project, and I got to revisit where I lived, and some of the places that helped me become who I am. I was reminded of one of the richest experiences of my life. I can’t believe I’m now looking back on more than 30 years that have passed. I’m so grateful for that time and all of the experiences that have been made available to me, all of the people I have met given my ability to communicate with them in Spanish, and my openness to see the world as limited only by my willingness to explore it.

So my message here for our new graduates and those of us for whom it has been a while, is to take the opportunities that come, stretch yourself outside your comfort zone in a smart and calculated way, and recognize that your life is yours and who you become is your choice. Remember, “It’s a Small World After All” (insert song here..sorry for that).

Congratulations to the Graduating class of 2018.

Why Halloween is Good for Everyone

Why Halloween is Good for Everyone

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s brilliant. You get to choose who you’re going to be, put on a costume to show the world who you are, and then encourage people to give you stuff.

I think Halloween is a great training ground for kids. Why? Well, first, see what costume a child chooses. It will give you a hint into how they see themselves in relation to the world. If their costume is scary, ask them what is it about this character that they may enjoy being? See why they choose what they choose, and this is also an opportunity where they can NOT be wrong!

Next, I think encouraging children to talk to strangers in a controlled environment is a great idea. It’s not possible to make new friends without talking to strangers. So the idea of kids going and talking to strangers will give them access and practice of the gut feeling they get from each person. And if a parent is standing 20 feet away, then the child can have the experience and then the parent can take the opportunity to talk to the child about what they felt from that person, helping to fine-tune intuition.

And lastly, Halloween is a holiday that’s not “religion” based, and it’s all about candy, what could be bad? Once in a while, having some sweets, some candy, is fine… and fun! Anything in moderation is good. So, I wish everyone a Happy, Safe, Fun, Halloween. Go talk to strangers and eat some candy!

A new perspective on Valentine’s Day

A new perspective on Valentine’s Day

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every other ad on television this week, is for what “Men can give” and  “Women can get” for Valentine’s Day.  Whether it’s for “chocolate diamonds”, flowers, candy or even a new car, February 14th has become a set up for potential failure and disappointment from all sides.

How about a new perspective for Valentine’s day, and hopefully it will take any possible disappointment out of this “Retail created holiday”.  

First, instead of waiting for an outward demonstration of love, come to this Valentine’s Day FROM love.  Ask yourself, how can I come from love today? How can I show everyone I care about the loving energy that is inherent in my being? Show up from a place of love.

Next, an amazing “gift of love”, can be to tell anyone in your personal circle, what having them in your world brings to you.  You can even make a card and show them in words and pictures what they mean to you.

And finally, what ever happens on Tuesday, February 14th, understand that ANYTHING, however big or small, is a gesture of love.  Any disappointment you may experience is only your thoughts around what has occurred and not what actually occurred. You can give yourself the gift of love, by stopping for a moment and asking the question, how do I bring love to this situation?  You’ll be amazed at how love shows up.  Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

What we can learn about Sales from Superbowl LI


Superbowl 51 was historic. It was the first Superbowl in history to go into overtime. And it was one of the biggest “come from behind” stories ever. As I watched the second half of the game through the final minutes, I realized that this game contains lessons we can all use. Here they are… enjoy.
1. It’s not over till it’s over. Never count yourself out even if you think you can’t win. Keep trying by doing what you do.
2. Next, do what you do well. You are there because you earned the right to be there.
3. Don’t take for granted how things are at one moment. Keep playing. No matter what happens. You never know how the tide can turn by one comment or anothers misstep.
4. Trust your experience. If you have a team that knows each other well and knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Always play to the strengths. If you have a product that has succeeded for other customers in the past, lean on that experience.
5. Win with dignity and lose graciously because there’s always next year…or the next sale.
6. Finally,  take a break in the middle for some glitter, fun, and entertainment. Everyone loves to enjoy themselves, and if you can create some joy in their world, they might just want to do business with you… again.