I’m sure you’ve noticed that every other ad on television this week, is for what “Men can give” and  “Women can get” for Valentine’s Day.  Whether it’s for “chocolate diamonds”, flowers, candy or even a new car, February 14th has become a set up for potential failure and disappointment from all sides.

How about a new perspective for Valentine’s day, and hopefully it will take any possible disappointment out of this “Retail created holiday”.  

First, instead of waiting for an outward demonstration of love, come to this Valentine’s Day FROM love.  Ask yourself, how can I come from love today? How can I show everyone I care about the loving energy that is inherent in my being? Show up from a place of love.

Next, an amazing “gift of love”, can be to tell anyone in your personal circle, what having them in your world brings to you.  You can even make a card and show them in words and pictures what they mean to you.

And finally, what ever happens on Tuesday, February 14th, understand that ANYTHING, however big or small, is a gesture of love.  Any disappointment you may experience is only your thoughts around what has occurred and not what actually occurred. You can give yourself the gift of love, by stopping for a moment and asking the question, how do I bring love to this situation?  You’ll be amazed at how love shows up.  Happy Valentine’s Day!♥