We are living in a really strange time. I watched the Kentucky Derby for the first time this week and the horse that clearly won by a full length; didn’t.

I watched during the 2016 Presidential election when the candidate who won by 3 million votes; didn’t.

Maybe winning isn’t winning anymore. Maybe we should re-examine how we judge the outcomes of events and projects. Perhaps we should evaluate situations based solely on merit.

When I was a little girl I learned the lesson of “always do your best to try your hardest and whatever happens happens”. Whether I won or lost didn’t matter. The question was, did I do my best? Are we living in a world where doing your best isn’t good enough?

I want to encourage everyone working on projects and goals and intended outcomes to re-examine for themselves what winning looks like. Perhaps it means getting the best results you can with the resources and talent you have and not caring what the rest of the world thinks. If we can do that… my grandmother would be proud.