The Keys to Selling to Women featured on  “The Solutions Oriented Leader” show.

The Keys to Selling to Women featured on “The Solutions Oriented Leader” show.

My friends are brilliant. I am so lucky when one of them, this time, my friend, Keynote Speaker Dr. Rick Goodman, asks me to share 10 content filled minutes on how to sell to women. I’m honored that he wants to share this information with his audience of business leaders worldwide. Thank you Rick for sharing this with my audience as well. I hope you enjoy it. If this information can help your organization increase it’s Dollars Per Minute, just ask!

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When Winning Isn’t….

When Winning Isn’t….

We are living in a really strange time. I watched the Kentucky Derby for the first time this week and the horse that clearly won by a full length; didn’t.

I watched during the 2016 Presidential election when the candidate who won by 3 million votes; didn’t.

Maybe winning isn’t winning anymore. Maybe we should re-examine how we judge the outcomes of events and projects. Perhaps we should evaluate situations based solely on merit.

When I was a little girl I learned the lesson of “always do your best to try your hardest and whatever happens happens”. Whether I won or lost didn’t matter. The question was, did I do my best? Are we living in a world where doing your best isn’t good enough?

I want to encourage everyone working on projects and goals and intended outcomes to re-examine for themselves what winning looks like. Perhaps it means getting the best results you can with the resources and talent you have and not caring what the rest of the world thinks. If we can do that… my grandmother would be proud.

Crisp Leaves, Clean Air and a Fall Business Idea

Crisp Leaves, Clean Air and a Fall Business Idea

Fall is my favorite time of the year and I want to share with you how to use FALL to propel your business into a powerful future. As you may know, I like to keep things simple. So here is how you can use F.A.L.L. to motivate your team.

F: Future-pace your team into the vision for where you are heading and imagine together where you will be one year from today.

A: Align and Action your team to all be on the same page, and create action items that will lead you into that future.

L: Leverage your resources. Make a list of tangible, intangible and human resources. Then leverage the resources available to you now, and find a way to cultivate those that are missing.

L: Look for the leaders. Find those who take initiative and use their creativity to bring everyone quickly into this mutually agreed upon future.

I hope this helps…and don’t forget to go outside and enjoy the crisp, clean air, the fall leaves, and give your eyes the treats of the colors of this season. If I can help in the implementation of any of this, I’m here for you.

Wishing you peace… and remember to VOTE! – Carolyn

Mindfulness/ Vision Boards and a good cup of coffee

Mindfulness/ Vision Boards and a good cup of coffee

I got the opportunity to be a guest on my friend Holly Duckworth’s podcast, Everyday Mindfulness. The conversation went in a direction I did not expect, but I think that is the key to Mindfulness. Being in the moment and following the moment where it leads.

As we get close to the end of Summer 2018, take a moment when you can to feel the sunshine on your face, a breeze through your hair, the smell of ocean and maybe even appreciate the lack of needing to shovel. At least for a while.

I’m happy to share this recording with you. I hope you enjoy it. Namaste, Carolyn

Why Halloween is Good for Everyone

Why Halloween is Good for Everyone

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s brilliant. You get to choose who you’re going to be, put on a costume to show the world who you are, and then encourage people to give you stuff.

I think Halloween is a great training ground for kids. Why? Well, first, see what costume a child chooses. It will give you a hint into how they see themselves in relation to the world. If their costume is scary, ask them what is it about this character that they may enjoy being? See why they choose what they choose, and this is also an opportunity where they can NOT be wrong!

Next, I think encouraging children to talk to strangers in a controlled environment is a great idea. It’s not possible to make new friends without talking to strangers. So the idea of kids going and talking to strangers will give them access and practice of the gut feeling they get from each person. And if a parent is standing 20 feet away, then the child can have the experience and then the parent can take the opportunity to talk to the child about what they felt from that person, helping to fine-tune intuition.

And lastly, Halloween is a holiday that’s not “religion” based, and it’s all about candy, what could be bad? Once in a while, having some sweets, some candy, is fine… and fun! Anything in moderation is good. So, I wish everyone a Happy, Safe, Fun, Halloween. Go talk to strangers and eat some candy!

What we can learn about Sales from Superbowl LI


Superbowl 51 was historic. It was the first Superbowl in history to go into overtime. And it was one of the biggest “come from behind” stories ever. As I watched the second half of the game through the final minutes, I realized that this game contains lessons we can all use. Here they are… enjoy.
1. It’s not over till it’s over. Never count yourself out even if you think you can’t win. Keep trying by doing what you do.
2. Next, do what you do well. You are there because you earned the right to be there.
3. Don’t take for granted how things are at one moment. Keep playing. No matter what happens. You never know how the tide can turn by one comment or anothers misstep.
4. Trust your experience. If you have a team that knows each other well and knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Always play to the strengths. If you have a product that has succeeded for other customers in the past, lean on that experience.
5. Win with dignity and lose graciously because there’s always next year…or the next sale.
6. Finally,  take a break in the middle for some glitter, fun, and entertainment. Everyone loves to enjoy themselves, and if you can create some joy in their world, they might just want to do business with you… again.