Fall is my favorite time of the year and I want to share with you how to use FALL to propel your business into a powerful future. As you may know, I like to keep things simple. So here is how you can use F.A.L.L. to motivate your team.

F: Future-pace your team into the vision for where you are heading and imagine together where you will be one year from today.

A: Align and Action your team to all be on the same page, and create action items that will lead you into that future.

L: Leverage your resources. Make a list of tangible, intangible and human resources. Then leverage the resources available to you now, and find a way to cultivate those that are missing.

L: Look for the leaders. Find those who take initiative and use their creativity to bring everyone quickly into this mutually agreed upon future.

I hope this helps…and don’t forget to go outside and enjoy the crisp, clean air, the fall leaves, and give your eyes the treats of the colors of this season. If I can help in the implementation of any of this, I’m here for you.

Wishing you peace… and remember to VOTE! – Carolyn