Unsettling is the word that many are using to describe this time we are all experiencing due to the “Coronapocalypse”. But as leaders, we can use this time as a reboot, and be the source of strength and stability that our teams are seeking. Many people are looking for a safe place to land. An environment where things make sense. This can be your business.

Since the whole world was shocked into stopping, this time is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reboot and reset your business in a new direction. But how do we do that? The first step is to get crystal clear as to what kind of business you are running, who you serve, and what you provide that is distinct to your market, geography or industry. Next, create a clear vision so that the people and resources that support your business all know how they fit into the picture.

If you can use help with this, just ask. I’m here to support leaders in creating cultures that support revenue, productivity and a happy workforce. Stay well, and cool.