This “stay at home” pause maybe the great equalizer. Through no fault of our own, most of us are now working from home. CEOs of big companies and small, leaders, managers, consultants, journalists, even late night talk show hosts are all working from home.

Something magical is happening here. In normal life, we are defined by and treated as our titles and responsed to, by the perceived responsibilities of our jobs. Normally, CEOs seem unreachable or too busy to connect with. During this time everyone’s life and job have been turned on their side, and everybody’s time has been skewed in one way or another.

So connecting as people and not as “job titles” might be the great benefit of this Corona-pause. Over the past week, I’ve had several Zoom executive consulting sessions with CEOs. I am working in my home office and my dog is in the background, and they are in their home office and there is either a dog or child or a life partner in the background at their home, and we become people having a conversation on how to best move forward.

So perhaps one positive to come out of this time, if we can remain healthy and sane, is to remember that we’re all all just people trying to do the best we can for everybody around us, looking forward to when things shake out and to see how best we can all move forward as human beings and then in our roles for the highest and best good for all in our worlds.