Remember the first day of school? “What did you do on your Summer Vacation?” was the question we all got when we went back to school after summer vacation.
When I grew up, school started the day after Labor Day. That’s today. And the first question the teacher would ask is, “what did you do over your summer vacation?”, sometimes we had to write an essay. The challenge was to pick the one stand out experience that would help influence who we would become moving forward.
Thinking about that now is not a bad exercise. Can you think of one thing you did during this past 3 months- summer time that will have an influence on you moving forward? Was it a place you went, a person you met, or was it something you learned or did that changes the way you look at the world?
For me this was my summer of bucket list moments. I got to zipline over a waterfall in Alaska and try hang gliding in California. The results of both are mixed and I’ll touch on that later…. But I can say, I don’t regret it, any of it.
As my birthday approaches later this month… I now look forward to what I will do on my next summer vacation. How about you? What did you do this Summer that will make a difference in your life? I’d love to hear all about it!