Imagine living in a home and in that home is a guest room​. This room has a perfect atmosphere. The temperature is perfect. The circulation is ideal and if someone stayed there they would be well fed, well nourished, well-loved and well cared for. Imagine that room is available for forty years. And every month you clean that room and make it as inviting and hospitable as it was at the very beginning.

And what if one day, you become aware that this room is no longer available? Does the room feel badly? Do you feel badly? Do you experience regret, or beat yourself up for never having used the room?

But, what if the room was never truly empty? What if the room held the space for curiosity, adventure, creativity and alternative possibilities to show up?

​What if, in place of regrets, you send the room love, and light and gratitude for the sacred space it gave you to have the unique and extraordinary life you created for yourself?

I am grateful for what the room allowed me to birth into my life, although not the traditional experience, but the experience of creating a life lived on my terms by the choice of my soul.

During this September, my birthday month, I send gratitude, love, light and peace to that part of myself that has always been there for me no matter how I chose to use it… or not.

P.S. To all of the women who’s “guest room” has been occupied at some point in your life. I wonder, have you received and do you continue to receive notes of thanks and acknowledgement from your guests?