I have a friend who is successfully removing lots of weight. She looks great. But there is a slight disruption that occurs when she spends time with an “old friend” who just can’t handle her transformation. Here is my thought on how to engage others and alleviate the pain of change.

Change is scary…. on an instinctual level for everyone. It threatens the status quo. Even if the status quo isn’t good, change makes people nervous/ uncomfortable. So when a person decides to change their body, it can shake up the people around them. Here are some tips to have your friends, families, coworkers, and those around you, support you in your weight removal efforts.

1. First, make your intention to remove weight public. Declare it to your friends and ask them for help. People love to help people they care about. When you ask someone for their help they will feel involved and engaged and since they feel they are a part of the change, they may even take pride in helping create the desired outcome.

2. Next,  make the win of your removing pounds a win for everybody. Create a plan and share it with people that help you reach your goal weight. Plan to do something with everyone who helped you, perhaps an evening of bowling or hitting golf balls or a bike ride or even a night out at your favorite healthy restaurant, or a healthy meal at your home that you prepare for them.

3. And finally, let people know that you support them. Ask your circle of close people, what one of their goals is for the next six months and ask how you can support them. Create a win-win. They support you in removing weight, and you support them in whatever their goal is. That way everybody wins and you end up with the support you need.

Wishing you luck, support, and health.