A New Year’s Prayer for 2019

A New Year’s Prayer for 2019

May your experience of being human be an adventure for your spirit

May the calling of your soul be crystal clear so you hear it.

May your purpose be deliberate in every action you take

May you know why it matters every decision that you make.

May you choose each project for the angle of its direction

May you know with each step you are under divine protection.

So as we say goodbye to this year we just had

Keep the blessings, lessons and gifts and let go of anything bad

Be optimistic and happy and share your dreams out loud

And at this time next year may all you’ve done

make you proud.

Mindfulness/ Vision Boards and a good cup of coffee

Mindfulness/ Vision Boards and a good cup of coffee

I got the opportunity to be a guest on my friend Holly Duckworth’s podcast, Everyday Mindfulness. The conversation went in a direction I did not expect, but I think that is the key to Mindfulness. Being in the moment and following the moment where it leads.

As we get close to the end of Summer 2018, take a moment when you can to feel the sunshine on your face, a breeze through your hair, the smell of ocean and maybe even appreciate the lack of needing to shovel. At least for a while.

I’m happy to share this recording with you. I hope you enjoy it. Namaste, Carolyn

Graduation Season… the road ahead from WAY ahead.

Graduation Season… the road ahead from WAY ahead.

It’s graduation season, and some of my favorite people whom I’ve known since they were little teeny humans are about to graduate from High School; RJ, Emma, Skylar and others. As they look forward to their lives I want to share a quick story about seizing opportunity.

When I was in college I chose to spend the first half of my Sophomore year in a program in Madrid Spain at the University. It was one of the life choices that I am most grateful for as it prepared me to come back and complete college. It prepared me to feel safe and competent and able to move from my small hometown in Massachusetts, to New York City where I successfully spent 20 years. My thought process became, if I can live on my own where they don’t speak my native language, how easy is it to get by anywhere at all. The experience gave me the ability to navigate another culture, understand another language, and appreciate that the world is small. I learned that choice always exists and I don’t have to accept what is the obvious path, I can always take another road.

Last week, I had the opportunity to go back to Madrid for the first time. A client brought me there for a project, and I got to revisit where I lived, and some of the places that helped me become who I am. I was reminded of one of the richest experiences of my life. I can’t believe I’m now looking back on more than 30 years that have passed. I’m so grateful for that time and all of the experiences that have been made available to me, all of the people I have met given my ability to communicate with them in Spanish, and my openness to see the world as limited only by my willingness to explore it.

So my message here for our new graduates and those of us for whom it has been a while, is to take the opportunities that come, stretch yourself outside your comfort zone in a smart and calculated way, and recognize that your life is yours and who you become is your choice. Remember, “It’s a Small World After All” (insert song here..sorry for that).

Congratulations to the Graduating class of 2018.

A New Year Poem for 2018

A New Year Poem for 2018

As we release 2017 and look back at the year we​’ve ​had,
​people are commenting and judging that it was either good or bad.
But knowing that events are neutral and judgment is all in the mind
I invite you to search your memory for the moments of  joy you will find
when you look back on the year full of relationships and events,
when you “architect” it all together it begins to make sense.
Remember, as we end another year there’s always a conscious choice
for what we choose to focus on and the opinions that we voice
So let’s commit to looking forward, mining our moments of joy
exploring them and playing with them like a child with a new toy.
And when we take that great energy into the year yet to be
2018 will become filled with endless possibility.
How to re-Focus for a wonderful Holiday season!

How to re-Focus for a wonderful Holiday season!

As we come close to the end of yet another year, I want to invite you to think of this next 3 weeks, not as winding down, but gearing up for an amazing and productive 2018.

Here is my 3 step strategy for completing 2017 powerfully and for entering 2018 with purpose, vision and an action plan to make the most Dollars Per Minute™ as possible.

Step one: Review your 2017 goals/ intentions yourself or with you team to assess how close you came to reaching them, or exceeding them. If you fell short, invent a quick fix that you can implement in the next 2 weeks that can close the gap, or mitigate the harm caused by not reaching the goal. If you exceeded the goal, plan a celebration to mark the completion of an intention. Nothing helps morale than celebrating a win.

Step two: Spend some time and set your goals/ intentions for Q1 of 2018. What will you accomplish in the first 3 months of 2018? Looking ahead just 3 months allows your team to set measurable and achievable outcomes. When we set goals for all of the next year, it seems like we have so much time to get them done, that procrastination is common.

Step three: Create a visual representation of where you plan to go. A vision board, a team video, digital reminders of the outcome you intend so that everyone stays on track. Also, you may want to include everyone involved with achieving the vision including your key customers, and all support team members.

With this strategy in place, you are sure to hit the ground running in 2018. And with all of this handled, you may be able to enjoy your Holidays with ease and peace knowing that the future you are stepping into is on purpose.

May your holidays be filled with Health, Joy and Love!

The Guest Room (A metaphorical homage to my uterus)

The Guest Room (A metaphorical homage to my uterus)

Imagine living in a home and in that home is a guest room​. This room has a perfect atmosphere. The temperature is perfect. The circulation is ideal and if someone stayed there they would be well fed, well nourished, well-loved and well cared for. Imagine that room is available for forty years. And every month you clean that room and make it as inviting and hospitable as it was at the very beginning.

And what if one day, you become aware that this room is no longer available? Does the room feel badly? Do you feel badly? Do you experience regret, or beat yourself up for never having used the room?

But, what if the room was never truly empty? What if the room held the space for curiosity, adventure, creativity and alternative possibilities to show up?

​What if, in place of regrets, you send the room love, and light and gratitude for the sacred space it gave you to have the unique and extraordinary life you created for yourself?

I am grateful for what the room allowed me to birth into my life, although not the traditional experience, but the experience of creating a life lived on my terms by the choice of my soul.

During this September, my birthday month, I send gratitude, love, light and peace to that part of myself that has always been there for me no matter how I chose to use it… or not.

P.S. To all of the women who’s “guest room” has been occupied at some point in your life. I wonder, have you received and do you continue to receive notes of thanks and acknowledgement from your guests?